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Ashley Haynes Butchery- Buthers in Finley New South Wales Australia


All our locally sourced beef is naturally grass and grain fed. Our meat is dry aged for a minimum of 10 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour, every time.  Guaranteed or we will replace it and your money back.

Talk to us about our delivery service to surrounding districts. Whole bodies of beef, pork and lamb, cut and packed to your specifications, are our specialty. Bulk Discounts will apply. Orders can be made via our website.

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Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry Oven Roast Casserole

Steak Price per Kg          
Eye fillet $ 33.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue      
Rump $ 18.95   Barbecue      
Scotch Fillet $ 27.95   Barbecue      
T-Bone $ 18.95   Barbecue      
Porterhouse/Sirloin $ 24.95   Barbecue      
Beef Kebabs $ 15.95   Barbecue      
Topside Strips $ 15.95     Stir-Fry    
Round $ 15.95   Barbecue Stir-Fry    
Oyster Blade $ 12.95   Barbecue      
Blade $ 12.95   Barbecue     Casserole
Beef Wellington $ 23.95       Oven Roast  
Fillet Mignon $ 25.95       Oven Roast  
Pastry Pinwheels $ 12.95       Oven Roast  
Schnitzel $ 12.95 Pan-Fry        
Roast Price per Kg          
Star Roast $ 12.95       Oven Roast  
Topside $ 10.95       Oven Roast  
Rolled $ 10.95       Oven Roast  
Corned Meats Price per Kg          
Brisket $ 7.95       Oven Roast  
Silverside $ 9.95




Oven Roast  
Stewing Price per Kg          
Gravy $ 9.95         Casserole
Osso Bucco $ 8.95         Casserole
Skirt $ 10.95         Casserole
Stewing/Diced $ 12.95         Casserole
Mince Price per Kg          
Premium $ 10.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry    
Regular $ 8.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry    


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