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We recommend and sell Hazeldene's and Luv-a-Duck poultry. Ask us about our speciality cuts and delicious ready to go recipes for a quick weeknight dinner.

Hazeldene's Barn Raised Hormone Free poultry is housed in RSPCA approved barns where the chickens are free to scratch and dust bathe. Hazeldene's process only using the 'low scald' method which enhances the look and taste of the poultry.

Luv-a- Duck supply young, tender, meaty ducks specially bred to ensure high breast meat thickness.

Orders can be made via our website. Talk to us about our delivery service to surrounding districts. Bulk discounts will apply.

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Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry Oven Roast Casserole

Fillets Price per Kg          
Skinless Breast $ 13.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry Oven Roast  
Thigh $ 10.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry Oven Roast  
Strips $ 13.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry    
Kiev (homemade) $ 12.95 Pan-Fry        
Schnitzel $ 13.95 Pan-Fry        
Marinated Steaks $ 12.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue      
Pieces Price per Kg          
Maryland $ 7.95       Oven Roast  
Drumsticks $ 5.95       Oven Roast  
Wings - Tandoori/Honey Soy $ 7.95       Oven Roast  
Kababs $ 14.95 Pan-Fry Barbecue      
Mince Price per Kg Pan-Fry Barbecue Stir-Fry    
Mince $ 12.95          
Roast Price per Kg          
Whole (fresh)         Oven Roast  
Roll (fresh) $ 10.95       Oven Roast  


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